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Swiss credibility & Legacy of Trust since 1964

  Why BridgeBonde Securities ?

  • Legacy of trust over 50 years

  • We deliver high returns at minimal risk.

  • Experienced Board of Advisors that specializes in advanced funding solutions.

  • Only experienced and established businesses or specific transactions are funded.

  • Double securing process.

  • Experience funding thousands of transactions.

  • We employ advanced methodologies and financial instruments to minimize risk.

  • We implement a spread policy that significantly reduces risks.

  • Top legal representation.

  • Our accounting is audited by leading international accounting firms.

  • Partners rather investors

Jörg Gasser, Chairman

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Invest with BridgeBond - with our swiss credibility and  legacy of trust over more then 50 years, you will Secure your future and start enjoy your fruits today. every single month.

Global Access

Today world, together with BridgeBond-Securities global and multinational business connections and branches, allows access to high volume of deals flow on the global market and significant leverage with securing and reducing the costs of international transactions and currency exchange. 

The Global Credit Situation


On account of tightening banking regulations and the increased caution demonstrated by the European and US central banks, a credit crunch has been created.


This situation is challenging for OECD countries, and requires them to seek creative, immediate solutions for existing credit processes. The last decade has seen the non-banking finance market in Europe increase by 240% and in the US by 220%. China and India has shown rapid market annual growth of over 20% in the last eight years.


Immense regulation and bank compliance requirements are major obstacles for businesses that can provide security and have a need for immediate liquidity. The security and collateral provided by the business have no significant influence over the time period of a bank loan application process according to compliance requirements. This creates a market opportunity.  

An Opportunity has emerged


An opportunity has emerged to significantly expand BridgeBond-Securities’ financing operations and earnings, as a result of the following:

  • The growth of non-banking finance in the OECD market.

  • Cumulative expertise within BridgeBond-Securities and experience in financing thousands of deals and companies over the last 19 years.

  • Rapid growth in the need to finance immediate short-term deals.

  • BridgeBond-Securities has the ability to optimize surplus liquidity between various deals and short-term transactions in the global market.

  • Optimization of monies invested in various deals and transactions, facilitates an increase in returns on capital of up to 18% per annum for investors.

Credit to EME's Has Surged


Total credit to EME non-financial borrowers (excluding China), in trillions of US dollars

Sources: BIS consolidated Baning statistics (ultimate risk basis); BIS statistics on total credit to private non-financial and government sectors.

BridgeBond-Securities    VS    Banks & Institutional 

The following facts illuminate the need for non-banking financing solutions:


  • In order to obtain high returns, our clients and deals require a rapid response rate and available liquidity in vast number of international locations.

  • Such a response rate and liquidity are insufficient and an established global operational platform is necessary.

  • Banks and institutions are obligated to follow cumbersome processes due to compliance requirements. 

  • As a result, they cannot engage in rapid responses as required for such deals. Furthermore, they can’t approve revenue share as an income model even though clients provide full collateral and security.

  • Banking and institutional limitations have created a major window of opportunity.

  • With well-functioning and experienced operations, high levels of liquidity, and international locations BridgeBond-Securities takes advantage of this market lacuna to provide solutions. 

  • Joining private investors to our activities allows BridgeBond-Securities to expand its market share and offers investors an opportunity to enjoy high returns, while being fully secured.

What Is a Fixed-Income Security?

A fixed-income security is an investment that provides a return in the form of fixed periodic interest payments and the eventual return of principal at maturity. Unlike variable-income securities, where payments change based on some underlying measure—such as short-term interest rates—the payments of a fixed-income security are known in advance.

Fixed-Income Securities Explained

Fixed-Income securities are debt instruments that pay a fixed amount of interest—in the form of coupon payments—to investors. The interest payments are typically made semiannually while the principal invested returns to the investor at maturity. Bonds are the most common form of fixed-income securities. Companies raise capital by issuing fixed-income products to investors.

A bond is an investment product that is issued by corporations and governments to raise funds to finance projects and fund operations. Bonds are mostly comprised of corporate bonds and government bonds and can have various maturities and face value amounts. The face value is the amount the investor will receive when the bond matures. Corporate and government bonds trade on major exchanges and usually are listed with $1,000 face values, also known as the par value.

Benefits of investing in fixed income.


Fixed interest investments should form part of a diversified investment portfolio and can offer the following benefits:  

  • regular income returns at a set interest rate, which can be fixed for a specified term, providing greater certainty than shareholder dividends 

  • repayment of your initial investment on maturity 

  • if interest rates fall, you generally continue earning the higher initial rate of interest until maturity. 

Swiss credibility & Legacy of Trust since 1964

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