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What is BridgeBond Securities?

BridgeBond-Securities is a non-banking financial institution that specializes in short-term bridge loans for a wide range of business and individual needs, by financing and investing in specific deals.


BridgeBond-Securities specializes in optimizing its liquidity between short-term deals and available assets and securities, which result in relatively high overall annual yields and returns for investors.


BridgeBond-Securities pays returns to investors on a monthly or quarterly basis. We are proud to emphasize that our investors are partners prior investors and high returns are a result of revenue share model and preferred income to the investors, which mean the first part of the profits go to the investor.

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BridgeBond-Securities is an EU financial institution. It is owned and led by a board of advisors experienced in the fields of investments, credit analysis and control, finance and business development. 


BridgeBond-Securities  operates according to a strict policy, and has  a well structured management team that operates under the external supervision of the company’s board of advisors.



Operational flexibility and use of advanced analytical tools and practices to increase security in a wide range of short-term financing transactions for clients and investors of all banks. 



BridgeBond-Securities offers a range of financial solutions, customized for companies and businesses, contractors, real estate developers, importers and  clients of all banks, in need of short term liquidity for a specific deal within a predefined period.

Our business model implements short-term deal structures and income based on revenue share rather than interest. However, BridgeBond – Securities will always, as a policy, have income a priority, to ensure deal control and significant collateral.

We finance deals that have no credit or bank leverage. We only use our own capital equity or that of our private investors.

BridgeBond-Securities employs a wide range of protective measures to ensure repayment, including: a lien on assets, shares, commercial activities, personal guarantees, trusts, bank guarantees,  SBLC and more.

Conservative and solid  investors who are interested in high, fixed monthly or quarterly returns with relatively high yields.









Fixed-income investments are often a popular choice among investors preferring to generate steady returns, especially when even the highest paying savings accounts are failing to keep pace with the cost of living.

The fixed income asset class enjoyed a record year in 2018, with net sales of £18.7 billion, outstripping all other assets, according to the Investment Association. However, the asset class has been knocked off the top spot over recent months, as investor appetite for fixed income may be waning amid some uncertainty over the outlook for these investments.

How fixed income investments work

BridgeBond Securities fixed income investments focus on providing a reliable stream of income. The most common fixed income investments are usually bonds or debt, which are fixed term loans issued by companies and governments looking to raise money. UK government bonds are called Gilts, whilst in the US government bonds are known as Treasury Bills, or T-Bills, and German federal bonds are referred to as Bunds.

BridgeBond Securities will pay investors a fixed rate of interest for a set period, at the end of which the loan is repaid. If you buy a bond when it is first issued, when it matures you should get your money back in full. but bear in mind that when investing in individual bonds, the particular issuer promises to repay your investment on maturity. Investing in individual bonds can be much less risky, as their fortunes rely on the specific issuer or transactions whether a corporation or government.

As a result, many investors opt to put their money into fixed income investments, as these can help spread risk by investing in a wide range of transactions. Some bond funds will invest solely in a basket of bonds issued by companies, while others will focus purely on private bonds or specific transactions and some will invest in a combination of these. As with all investments the rule of thumb is that the higher the potential return on offer, the riskier the investment. However the full range of investments programs at BridgeBond Securities counted to at law risk in relative to the interest or fixed income paid.

Generally, fixed-income investments are considered less risky than equities or other common debt investments, with income from BridgeBond Securities being paid out before any dividends on stocks, and bond payouts taking priority over shareholders in the case of insolvency or maturity of the investment.

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Swiss credibility & Legacy of Trust since 1964