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Supervision and Control

Credit Policy

BridgeBond-Securities Management

Risk Management Strategy

Supervision and Control

BridgeBond-Securities operates according to a structured and very clear set of procedures, with internal supervision provided by the Credit Committee and the company board of advisors and management.


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Internal Credit Committee, including risk managers, analysts and economists

Financial and audit

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Credit Policy

The policy for the provision of credit for each transaction is based on the ability to hedge and secure the transaction, the structure of the financial deal and the credit applicant, on a case by case basis.

BridgeBond-Securities main business is financing secure short-term liquidity needs. This increases the level of security, since there are few  layers of risk minimizers: securities on each deal, much higher certainty with short-term prediction of cash flow, financing the deal and not the company. 

Flexible repayment options over the deal period, according to the client's requirements and the profitability rate of the transaction.

The credit structure is determined by the client's requirements, the type of assets and the results of the securities analysis, so that the risk is strictly hedged and suited to each investment and deal.


BridgeBond-Securities Management

Prerequisite for granting credit: 

  • Finance through the company is given only where the applicant is also investing in the deal.

  • Credit is provided only if the initial money generated by the deal is wired to BridgeBond-Securities. 

  • The shareholders shall be personal guarantors for repayment or shall provide full collateral. 

  •  The maximum issued credit shall be 85% of the repayment capability value of the transaction. 

  •  Securities includes liens on shares, real estate, goods, bank guarantees, personal guarantees etc.

  • The terms for provision of credit, including the aforementioned, are subject to the exclusive discretion of BridgeBond-Securities Credit


Risk Management Strategy

Scrupulous due diligence of the collateral

Multi-layered securities on each transaction

No bank credit leverage

Analysis of credit applications implemented by an experienced board of advisors 

External auditing by top auditing firms, and legal advice from leading law and accounting firms

Compliance with strict operational and financial criteria

Swiss credibility & Legacy of Trust since 1964