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Fixed Income Investments

Now it's easier than ever to get started. We've reduced the minimums to open an account and offer fixed income account starting as low as 100,000 EURO


Investor minimum investment

USD $100,000 for a minimum 12 - month period.


12-month post investment date. 

Liquidity with notice of 60 business days.


No bank  credit leverage.  

Returns repayment

Monthly and quarterly .  

Investment  life limit

60 months

Spread policy

Maximum 7% capital from BridgeBond-Securities for each business transaction or maximum 12% for an individual transaction.

Fixed annual return to investors paid out monthly or quarterly

On an investment of USD $100,000 -  $250,000 -  9% annual

On an investment of USD $251,000 -  $1 million - 11.7% annual

On an investment of over 2 years -  Additional 3.6% annual

On an investment of over  $1 Million Additional 2.3% annual

Risk management policy and security for the investor

Short-term only, full collateral and securities. Close supervision by the Board of Advisors; financing against a wide range of collateral and security mechanisms to protect BridgeBond-Securities and its investors; unlimited floating lien or guaranties that are external to the company or deal, and the company's assets.

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