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Real Estate Bridge Loan

A real estate bridge loan is a common form of bridge funding in many global markets. A real estate bridge loan is when an individual or a corporation uses the equity in their current property to take out a short-term loan to finance the purchase of a new property, fund other transactions or any other liquidity needs. The loan is short-term because the borrower largely intends to obtain permanent financing from a bank or to execute a transaction that will generate liquidity in the immediate term. The short-term loan serves as a means of getting cash up front. 

Funding short-term transactions is a win-win situation for the borrower and the lender. On the one hand, the borrower receives the required funding devoid of  the obligation to sell the property at a reduced price, in addition to the tax mandatory payments; and on the other hand, the lender can fund the transactions while being fully secured. 

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Import Shipment Bridge

Import shipment bridge financing is in very high demand for global short-term liquidity. 

This kind of deal is very secure and cashflow-oriented. The need is bridging the period of shipment between the two countries, and between exporter and importer. There is a market lacuna when the importer has securities or LC from the bank, but the exporter receives an immidiate payment only before they deliver the goods. In this case, BridgeBond-Securities provide the liquidity that is required for the payment, and receives the securities or LC from the importer’s bank. This service allows BridgeBond to work on a revenue share model, and consequently enjoy a high income rate.


This is a win-win-win situation; The importer gets the liquidity he needs, BridgeBond is able to finance the deal while receiving full securities and the exporter receives immediate payment.

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Real estate Court  Action Bridge

Real Estate Court Action Bridge allows people, couples and families the opportunity to buy apartments with a common court action discount, even if they are not rich or “tycoons”.

In court actions worldwide, it is common to buy or win an asset when it is free and clear of any obligations with a discount of 30-40%. However, it is a requirement to pay the full payment for the asset in cash. If you only have part of the required amount and you need a mortgage to complete it  and enjoy the court action discount, it becomes impractical as the requirement is a cash payment.

This is where BridgeBond comes into action. BridgeBond will pay the required cash payment for the buyer until they are able to complete the payment with a mortgage that will be received from the bank, and BridgeBond will receive a commitment to buy the asset from the buyer, a first lean on the asset, as well as the buyer’s equity, prior to the payment to court - usually about 30-40% the financial model is based on sharing the court action discount.

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Tax Repayment Bridge

Tax return is a common transaction and a right that every business in almost every country has. The nature of tax return is to return tax after 2-12 weeks, varying between national policies.

The two major tax returns we finance are VAT and Customs for importers and exporters. 


The deal is structured in a way whereby we pay the tax for each specific deal and receive the return directly from the government. By law, tax returns are not discussable or subject to officer consideration. 

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Capitalization  Bridge

A capitalization bridge is a strict financial platform that serves investors who prefer long-term investments with a fixed monthly income. 


This deal structure allows us to capitalize long-term guaranteed cashflow mostly from a variety of secured sources, mainly rent, financial institutions and governmental liabilities.


BridgeBond-Securities purchase the full liability and then able to split and share it among investors, who don’t have the capital power to purchase the full liability or deal. 

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Factoring Bridge

Factoring is a form of financing that helps companies with cash flow needs due to slow or delayed paying clients. It allows businesses to finance invoices, which improves a company’s working capital. In invoice factoring, a business sells its accounts receivable (invoice) to a third party (called a factor) at a discount. A company will sometimes factor its receivable assets to meet its present and immediate cash needs. It might also factor their invoices to mitigate credit risk. 

Factoring is commonly referred to as accounts receivable factoring and invoice factoring financing. Accounts receivable financing is a term more accurately used to describe a form of asset-based lending (ABL) utilizing a company’s accounts receivable as collateral.


BridgeBond-Securities helps businesses boost their liquidity and supports their growth, while being fully secured. 

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Coincidental Bridge Transaction

Among BridgeBond Securities constant deals flow are a tremendous variety of deals that don’t meet the minimal security requirements and returns to our investors. However occasionally, there is a transaction that doesn’t reflect our day to day transactions but meet our securities and collateral requirements, and usually have above average returns. These kinds of transactions will typically expire within six months and will have very robust collateral. The deal structure will vary between the deals, applicants and other considerations. 

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